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Stories and thoughts from one of life's vagabonds

Four-Eyes: A Vagabond
9 August 1967
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Born in New York, grew up in Southern California, then Frisco, Canada, and back to the Big Apple; educated at Music & Art (now LaGuardia) and then in Ohio, at Oberlin College. I am an autobiographical cartoonist, as well as an illustrator and graphic designer.

I recently finished serializing A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge, an all-true graphic novel about Hurricane Katrina, on SMITH magazine. A.D. is scheduled for publication by Pantheon Graphic Novels in summer 2009. I am the author of A Few Perfect Hours (and Other Stories From Southeast Asia & Central Europe), a graphic novel collection of real-life stories about my travel experiences. I'm the creator of the comic book The Vagabonds, and the co-creator of Keyhole and Titans of Finance: True Tales of Money and Business. And I'm a long-time artist for Harvey Pekar’s American Splendor.

In 2005 I spent three weeks as a Red Cross volunteer in Biloxi, Mississippi. The LJ entries I kept on that experience turned into a self-published book, Katrina Came Calling (and indirectly led to A.D.).