Four-Eyes: A Vagabond (4_eyez) wrote,
Four-Eyes: A Vagabond

How to be an Obscure Alternative Cartoonist Specializing in Real-Life Topics

Last Thursday I gave a presentation for Gelf Magazine's Non-Motivational Speaker Series. (I was there along with mollycrabapple and the New Yorker's Farley Katz.) In my speech, "How to be an Obscure Alternative Cartoonist Specializing in Real-Life Topics (in, Give or Take, 20 Years)," I took the audience through my career, starting with my love of Tintin, continuing on to my high school romance with superhero comics, my travels and travel comics, Keyhole, Titans of Finance, Harvey Pekar, and ending of course with A.D. Then I answered some questions about New Orleanians' response to A.D., what the real Harvey Pekar is like, and whether I had ever read Destination Moon.

I'm sure the reason you couldn't make it to the event was because you were just too broken up about Michael Jackson's death, and I understand, I really do. Fortunately for all of us, Gelf just posted a two-part video of my presentation, so now you can watch it in all its cable-access-style glory. Just click on the links below:

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