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Dim Bulbs at ConEd

I get this call from a ConEd rep, saying that the power company is going around to people's homes, replacing their old lightbulbs with new energy-efficient bulbs, for free. This is all well and good, but I am a little concerned that they replace my bulbs with ones of equal wattage. For instance, the twin bulbs in my kitchen are 40 watts, while the bulb in my drawing table lamp is very bright, 100 watts. But the rep doesn't understand my question; she just repeats that they're replacing all the bulbs, and they're energy-efficient, and free. So I try to explain my concerns again: "I need to make sure you're replacing all the bulbs with ones of equal wattage." "No sir, all the bulbs are energy-efficient, free, no cost to you." She's a frickin' broken record.

Finally, it dawns on me: the woman from the power company doesn't understand the concept of bulb wattage.

And then it dawns on me again: this is the same power company that plunged a big chunk of Queens into darkness for nine days last summer.

Anyway, after a short pause while she consults her supervisor, the rep comes back on the line, chagrined, and confirms that they'll replace all the bulbs with ones of equal power. They're supposed to show up this afternoon.

Should I be worried?
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