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CrowdSourcing Experiment: Please Help me Identify a 1970s Western

Hey, so I got this idea from a Tumblr post by actor James Urbaniak from some months back. Basically, someone sent an email around asking for help identifying an obscure movie they had seen when they were a kid. The poor person had tried Amazon, cult film fan sites, and even the guy who ran the famous L.A. video store, Jerry’s Video, with no luck. Well, Urbaniak posted it and within minutes someone identified the film: Psychomania.

I have a similar dilemma. Some time in the mid-1970s (I would say 1976 or 1977), I saw a Western movie that left an impression on me. One character I distinctly remember is a young gunslinger everyone called "the Punk." He had a bad attitude and even shot a few guys during the film. I remember a scene where the streets of a town were inundated with mud, the only reprieve being a series of shoddy wooden "sidewalks."

What makes this dilemma tougher is that I saw the film in San Diego in a revival house that sometimes showed first-run films but mostly older movies. So the film could've been from anytime in the previous five or ten years. (It was in color and had a very distinct, post-Watergate, Vietnam-era vibe to it, though...)

Like the other memory-impaired film buff, I've had no luck tracking down what movie this was. For a while I thought it was Robert Altman's 1971 anti-Western, McCabe & Mrs. Miller. Some of the scenes seemed familiar, and there's a young outlaw called the Kid in it. But I saw the film again recently, and it doesn't feel to me like it was the movie I'm thinking of. On the other hand, I'm quite to prepared to be told I imagined the whole thing. After all, I was only about ten years old at the time.

Anyway, I thought if I put it out there, maybe someone on the interwebs will know the film and identify it for me.



mystery western

Was it "Kid Blue" with Dennis Hopper?

How about this one?

I love 70's westerns, but your description is not really ringing a bell for me. So I did some googling... Was it "Dirty Little Billy"?

I've never seen it, but it seems to match your description. MUDDY!

In my searching I also learned that there is a term for countercultural Westerns: Acid-Western. But it was only coined in the mid-90's to describe "Dead Man" starring Johnny Depp. I think before Acid-Western, they were simply called Political Westerns.

Re: How about this one?

Hey David, Dirty Little Billy certainly fits the description. And I guess they called young Billy the Kid a "punk." I'd have to see more, but it's promising... Thanks for all your research!

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